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Dr. Nikhat Mahboob is a multifaceted person with many interests. She is an accomplished Doctor of Naturopathy Sciences and has a Masters degree in History from Shimla University. Her keen interest in social service led her to start ‘Hamara Saath’, a non-profit organization working for the upliftment of disadvantaged women and children.Her efforts have been well acknowleged for bringing education and vocational training programmes to the poorest communities in the slums of Dwarka, Delhi.

Mrs. Nikhat’s interest in cooking dates back to her first lessons from her mother. After marriage the interest only grew further as she traveled across India exploring newer flavors and incorporating them into her cuisine. This culminated into her first book Lazzat-e-Dastarkhan which was published in 2014. It contains a blend of recipes covering the taste from various geographies of India.

This website ‘Bhojpurirasoi’ is her endeavor to bring simple yet fond recipes from her mother’s kitchen and from all across Bihar, UP and Jharkhand to a global audience.




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